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Practical Solutions

A business is only as successful as the tools used to run it. Today that toolbox requires the right IT infrastrucre to keep it running like a well oiled machine. We understand that need and strive to help you drive that machine to success!


The industry needed a change, so we became it.


For more than a decade C3-Solutions has been dedicated to providing turnkey technology solutions to our cliennts. C3-Solutions partners with your business and offers strategic consultation not only to keep you current systems functional, but also to help grow your business to the next level. As a strategic partner we extend beyond the common IT break fix barrier, to assist in the growth and development of our partners. Today small businesses need less servers and more service. Service that will allow an organization to focus on it's core business. 


Easy. Fast. Secure.

The following service offerings are part of the solutions that we extend to our partners:

  • IT Help Desk

  • Infrastructure Support

  • Systems Support

  • Security Assessment

  • IT Procurement

  • Technical Business Planning 

  • Disater Recovery Plans

  • Backup and Redunancy Plans

Technical Expertise:

Our knowledge base is made up of experts with decades of experience across dozens of industries. We understand how technology affects business, not just end users. Understanding the overall reach of how the right solution will benefit your business keeps us head and shoulders above break fix solutions that merely triage and address immediate issues. Our solution focus on making decision that improve your tomorrow, not just break fix solutions that will get you through the day. Having the ability to support your infrastructure from enduser to gateway and beyond gives us insite on what technologies will slingshot your process versus ones that simply add complexity to your environment. 


Reporting is vital maintaining a digital infrastructure, we provide metric that will help you determine whether your current sysytems are effective in increasing productivity. This reporting offer a high level view of the impact of your technology. Metrics to help determine exactly how functional your systems are within your invironment.

Technology Plans based  on the reporting will help set goals for the systems in your environment. All systems from the gateway to the enduser and even out into the cloud will be assessed and given TTL lifecycles. This will assist in proactive planning and reduce the need for rip and replace migratons. These plans will also help budget your technology needs, and reduce unexpected costs.

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"IT is our business, let us help you get back to yours"


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