Managed Services:

C3-solutions allows your business to offload IT operations to a trusted partner. We then assume an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within your business.

System/Infrastructure/Cloud Management

Systems are the lifes blood of business. Just like in the body, healthy systems promote growth, while malfuctioning systems lead to complications. C3-Solutions will maintain these IT systems vital to your success. From onsite servers, to managed cloud solutions, and everything in between. We will provide full life cycle support, deployment, maintenance, migration, and decomissioning of the systems that support your business. Additionally we will keep you informed, reporting functional levels, and planning all updates, upgrades, and replacements. 

Network Security

Security of your systems is imparitive to your business. Insecure systems are vulnerable to comprimise, which could grind all productivity to a halt, or place vital data in the wrong hands. Securing the systems that support your business is a task that C3-Solutions is prepared to take on. We will make sure that your systems are healthy and secure 24/7. We will protect your end uses from malicious traffic and defend the perimeters of your network from those seeking to do it harm.

IT Help Desk

An idle end user is a financial drain on your business. We aim to keep productivity high by ensuring that all users have access to the resources they need to keep your business running. Our helpdesk stands ready to support your users and maintain hardware that they depend on. We will provide replacement schedules to keep your users hardware up to date. We will manage OS and application updates to make sure users operate optimally. We understand that productivty promotes business, and we intend to keep the end user systems functional and up to date.